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Founder/Project Lead Mentor/General Activities

Daisy initiated and set up Thrive Youth Project on behalf of Watford African Caribbean Association.  Daisy has a great sense of humour and has brought together an amazing array of talented people.  Her dedication to the project shines through.



Deputy Lead/Finance

Personable and detail-oriented, Amidou a founder member of the project is well thought of by the team, and brings with him a keen and analytical view point which is very much appreciated.

Coffee and Magazines



Ann's great communication skills are appreciated by the team.  Ann has multiple strings to her bow which are of benefit not only to the young people but also Thrive Youth Project in general.

Fashion Shop



Kingsley is a founder member with a keen belief in the project.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with young people, so we really appreciate having him as part of the Thrive Youth Project team.

Fancy Camera


Mentor/Counselling/General Activities

Diane is committed to the team and to working with young people.  She has a good listening ear and is perfectly suited to what the Project is all about.  We are so happy to have Diane's support and experience.

Spa Stones



Experienced and very committed to working with Thrive Youth Project, Charmaine brings her talents in presenting skills and singing amongst other things to the group.  She is an invaluable member of our team.



Mentor/Cooking/Healthy Living

Patrick brings to the team his much enjoyed expert cooking skills.  Patrick has years of experience in this field using his experience to help encourage healthy eating and living.

Preparing veggies



Yvonne is a much valued member of the team assisting Thrive Youth Project with its goal of supporting young people to become the best they can possibly be.  Her many years experience in the field of education is a great asset to the project.

Teenage Students
Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Mentor/Healthy Living

Sabrina is passionate about health and well-being and is eager to pass her knowledge onto the young people. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful talent on our team.

Egg and Avocado Salad


Mentor/Music/Film Production

Sanjae has brought an edge to the Thrive Youth Project team, capturing the interest of the young people via music and film production.  It's great to have his expertise with this popular activity.



Mentor/General Activities

Clive's experience working with young people is a great asset.  Clive is also an excellent role model and we’re so happy to have Clive as part of the Thrive Youth Project team.

Leather Handbag



It is a great pleasure to have Favour as part of our team.  Favour has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with young people, so we  are very fortunate to be able to benefit from this.

Outdoor Study Group
Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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